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Our Company

Our Company

Best Western Meats is owned and operated by Michael D. Mastranardi. Mike is originally from the east coast and moved to Hawaii in 2003, where he lives and works as a single parent.

Michael’s drive for quality and convenience started in 1988 on the east coast. This drive led Michael to begin distributing meats and seafood direct to local families to save them time and money. Michael’s experience with other companies in this industry has led him to pick and choose the best policies and practices from each company he’s worked with over the years. Michael has taken his knowledge of these companies and combined them to create Best Western Meats. Which you will experience first hand when you make your first purchase with Best Western Meats.

Best Western Meats vision is to supply the best beef to the best place on earth!

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Supply Chain and Quality Assurance


Supply Chain

All our beef comes from the Landmark Cattle Company in Tyler Texas, where they are processed, flash frozen and custom packaged for you our customers. Michael the owner of Best Western Meats has been in business with the Landmark Cattle Company for over 14 years.

From Tyler, Hawaiian Ocean transport ships your beef to the west coast by refrigerated truck. It is then placed in a refrigerated cargo hold on a ship and sent to Honolulu harbor. Hawaiian Ocean transport then delivers your meat to our warehouse freezers. It is then delivered to you and opened in front of the customer, breaking open the Safety-Seal to reveal the best meat in Hawaii, the safest meat in Hawaii.

Each of our best Western Meats trucks is equipped with an icebox, which uses either a power inverter or dry ice to keeps your meat at well below zero (0) degrees.

Quality Assurance

For the 14 years that I have been doing business with landmark cattle company, our shippers also have shared a responsibility to the quality of our product. We pride ourselves in only using the best shipping company with the safest shipping standards in the industry. Close ties with both our supply and shipping companies allow Best Western Meats to insure that our products are never compromised to any outside elements during production, shipping or delivery. Best Western Meats is committed to assuring the safety & quality of your next meal!

“That’s why its been such a great partnership”


Best Western Meats works hard to provide you with the highest quality seafoods and meats. We guarantee the quality and freshness of all our products and will replace or exchange any of our products that you find compromised in any way. Our refund policy is we will issue an company wide credit of equal or lesser value.

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