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We're in a rush to get everything done yesterday,

that’s why you dig in the freezer in the morning to figure out what you want to eat for dinner that night. That hardly works out at all, it's "Honey, the Smiths' are taking us out to eat tonight" or "Aaaahhh it's pizza night dad, you promised," which means what you took out of the freezer that morning has now sat in the refrigerator for 3-4 days. Are you willing to eat that or better yet feed it to your kids? Best Western Meat gives you the opportunity to come home, reach in the freezer and grab steak burgers for the kids, lemon pepper pork chop for mom and a New York Strip steak for dad (for less than $5.00 a meal). It's cooked in less time then it would take to go to your fast food joint, better for you, and no waiting in traffic to bring it back cold. It's time to get back to family values and sitting down to eat together.

Bringing you Hawaii's best steaks

Learn more about our supply chain and how Best Western Meats brings the best meat to Hawaii’s shores!

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The term "fresh" is deceptive and is not necessarily the best way to judge beef. "Fresh" means the beef is not aged.

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